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Discover the transformative power of the Metamorphosis program.


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Hear from one of students as he describes how the metamorphosis program has helped him towards restoration and rehabilitation.

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“The Metamorphosis Program helped me out in many ways. It prepared me for real life ‘adulting’ as far as going on job searches, interviews, as well as how to conduct yourself during the interviews. I’ve also learned a lot about people, including how to adapt to my surroundings as well as not being afraid to fail. I also learned to do my job to my best abilities. It was a great learning experience being in the program, and I met a lot of nice good people through the metamorphosis program. Ms Langford and the program changed my life for the better and still till this day I thank God everyday for them. This is a wonderful program that teaches you about life, adulthood, how to pay bills, how you need assets over liabilities, and how to get jobs. Whether you like the job or not, it’s all about not being afraid to step outside your comfort zone and do something challenging. This program and Ms Langford opened my eyes up to what life is really about.”

Robby Robinson

“I agreed to live in a halfway house in Canton Ohio where I didn’t know anybody. I had to follow all rules & curfews. It was all on a volunteer basis, because I wasn’t on probation, but I did this to step out on faith. I had a 10 clock curfew and mandatory church on Sundays. I stayed at the halfway house for about a month before I got a good paying job at Sterilite making 13 a hour. Cheryl helped me save money & help me get my driver’s license while staying at the halfway house & working. Soon after I got my license I was making 400 a week. Cheryl helped me manage my money. I lived off a 100 dollar a week budget while saving up for my first car with in the first month of working. Cheryl helped me find a 2 bed room apartment, soon after that she helped me get my first car. She found somebody who was selling a 2009 impala for 1,000 dollars but before that I took the bus for a month. I have to say I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it wasn’t for Cheryl & the Metamorphosis program. I want to thank Cheryl with all of my heart & I appreciate Cheryl for believing in me & helping when I was at a low place in my life & wanted to give up. Metamorphosis saved my life.”

Hasan Hill

“All my life I said, If only someone would come along and give me a house, a car and a job, I could make it Meta-Morphosis and Miss Langford did that for me and my life is so good now. Thank You Miss Langford.”

Shawn Dietrich

“Metamorphosis allowed me opportunities that would have otherwise been difficult for me to obtain. It also provided encouragement and a sense of belonging that empowered me to become the best version of myself. Miss Langford did a very good job with teaching us skills needed in everyday life such as cooking, cleaning, learning how to handle money and setting up financial accounts. We also learned driving and we’re connected with great people for CDL, Housing and jobs. The program was great and all the boys were given all the tools to succeed.”

Andrew Locklin

“I came to canton with nothing or nobody. Cheryl and the Metamorphosis Program literally transitioned my life in a complete 180 and straight forward after that. I was able to secure a job, multiple houses, and vehicles. I was even able to obtain a class A CDL, with the help and support, and encouragement from Cheryl and the Metamorphosis program. They took me from literally homeless at rock bottom to where I’m at now. I am learning to be an investor in crypto currency and many other profitable ventures.Metamorphosis taught me anything is possible. I can honestly say I would not be where I’m at or who I am today without them.”

Michael Hrinda