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Meta-Morphosis Juvenile Offender
Education and Re-Entry Support

Pre-release life skills training & post-release
re-entry assistance for juvenile re-entry

Education, discovery, mentoring and a personal plan for successful community re-entry

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propelled for success

An opportunity for future success requires a fresh vision, better choices, mentoring, a plan with action steps. Pre-release education prepares the way. Hands on mentoring at release with financial support jump-starts a new life. Guidance to choose positive environments and peers. Uplifting activities and socialization. An understanding of budgeting, employer expectations.

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Reduce recidivism and enhance the likelihood a former juvenile offender can successfully integrate into the community requires several components working in unison. Among these are, of course, early-stage financial assistance, appropriate environments and encouragement with guidance from mentors. We provide ‘know how’ based on experience to help our clients or your third-party organization improve the chance for successful re-entry. Meta-Morphosis provides the pre and post release materials with implementations processes.

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The former dysfunctional environments, choices, and lack of opportunity disappear. The former juvenile offender is employed. New friendships. Community involvement. Perhaps a family. Your participation with pre-release education and/or post-release mentoring with modest financial assistance enhances this reality.