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Give the Kid a . . . Second Chance


Personal Re-entry Plan.


Complete educational tools and 'how to' action steps facilitating a juvenile offender's
person plan for joining society to gain a second chance for lifetime success.


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Education, discovery, mentoring and a personal plan for successful community re-entry.

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What sets us apart

An opportunity for future success requires a fresh vision, better choices, mentoring, a plan with action steps. Pre-release education prepares the way.
Hands on mentoring at release with financial support jump-starts a new life. Guidance to choose positive environments and peers.

Uplifting activities and socialization. An understanding of budgeting, employer expectations.

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how it works


Review the entire Meta-Morphosis Juvenile Rehabilitation Program:

Meta-Morphosis has two websites. Go to www.metamorphosisnow.org. This takes you to The homepage, which provides complete information about the three-part Meta-Morphosis program and the services we offer. Once you browse the home page, click on the heading ‘Join Our Team’; then click on the www.metamorphosisnow.org


Select Plan

To select the plan of your choice, review the available listed options. There are three plans to meet different needs, as well as a seven-day free trial to become acquainted with the procedures for the Meta-Morphosis curriculum. Click on ‘Classes’ located above the plans; all four modules will appear, with class topics listed under each module. You can choose to license one class, or an entire Module. Some facilities may want to license the entire package.


Review the course syllabus and facilitator guide

Each course includes a syllabus, which contains the course description and objectives, a pre and post-test, vocabulary list, a detailed lesson plan, and an instructor narrative that explains the overall lesson plan content. The facilitator’s guide leads you through the course; when to test, survey, when activities are indicated, and when group discussion is required. It also includes an instructor guide symbol key, alerting the instructor to specific teaching delivery methods, i.e., show presentation, teach information on slide, group discussion, and test/survey/activity. This guide provides the instructor with detailed instruction and narration required for each PowerPoint slide.


Process Payment

The payment process is simple to follow. Choose the option you best think meets your needs. You will be asked to set up a user name and password; this allows you to login to the website and access your class syllabus. Next, proceed through the payment process. There are two payment choices; PayPal or credit card. If you have questions in regards to this process, call or text us, at 330-839-2078 and a specialist will help you with your questions or concerns.

Our courses

Module 1

There are fifteen classes in this module. Practical Insight into how social and peer environments and appropriate intellectual stimulation affect a person's mental and emotional state. The curriculum is designed to provide the juvenile offender with a sense of personal well-being and genuine hope of a positive future with basic changes in lifestyle a regimen is proposed and initiated. This important module will show the student how to recognize negative behaviors caused by past hurts and Trauma, we will learn how to get along with the opposite sex and how not understanding those differences has caused problems. We have many classes that will help you accept people's differences and recognize and process triggers when they arise. To Foster egalitarianism and reduce peer rejection to increase awareness of how former and future environments and personal values affect emotions, mental perspectives and attitudes and to make practical observations of normal family and societal Behavior.

Module 2

There are eight classes in this module. These classes take you on a walk inside yourself. Without taking a walk into the room of self-knowledge, you can never have peace with yourself and others. This module will also educate you about harmful environmental elements and some of the products you use on your body. The student is more driven to achieve post-rehabilitation goals with physical fitness, reducing stress, and relieving mental pressure points. The results will be how physical fitness activity and nutrition affect the body, mind, energy levels, and reactions and why poor nutrition and fitness personal habits can contribute to the offender's past and future behavior. To restore personal dignity and self-worth to overweight and underweight teenagers less violence in the facility. While the offender is incarcerated this will improve feelings of well-being due to improved nutrition and exercise. We are body, soul and spirit.

Module 3

There are eleven lessons in this module. All are free. In the book of Genesis, we focus on Joseph. Joseph was thrown into prison for 13 years and emerged as governor of Egypt. The focus is on attitude and forgiveness.

Module 4

This is a spiritual module. There are seven classes in this module. This module will teach you the love of God and that you are loved, special, and unique in the eyes of God. There is also networking with students at local churches. Acceptance that the body is comprised of mind, soul, and spirit is common in society. Support groups offered by many local churches and synagogues can assist juvenile offenders in adapting to society and can provide fellowship counseling role models. This module is included as a viable rehabilitation option.

Sample Classes

See the education page for a description and content of each of the Metamorphosis classes

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Plans & Pricing


  • One trial class
  • 7 days validity
  • Upgradable
  • Entire classes


  • Custom class selection
  • Lifetime validity
  • Upgradable
  • Entire classes


  • Entire Selected Module
  • 10 classes mix and match
  • Upgradable
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  • Entire Program
  • Lifetime validity
  • Upgradable
  • Entire classes